Before taking action, one must understand. To understand, one must listen. Knowing how to listen is the essence of doing. M. A.

Little apartment

A requalification made of a few elements with a surprising result. Seeing is believing...

Cistella Restaurant

A new challenge has turned into an exciting journey. A deep restyling to update and contextualize a historic venue with traditional materials: the witches' restaurant.  

Relax room Albergo Ristorante Edelweiss - Viceno VB - Italy
Cameretta 1992 - Architetture d'interni

Walnut Bookshelf

A modular bookcase, always unique and always different. Walnut wood, with its extraordinary veins, designs the space with lightness and elegance. A sophisticated piece of furniture to be appreciated over time.


The projects represented in this selection cover a time span of over 23 years. It's interesting to understand their dates and try to place them in chronological order. This confirms that it's not important to succumb to the charm of trends, but rather to try to go beyond the ephemeral to create something destined to last in the memory of those who live in a personalized environment with renewed daily interest.

My projects always start from within. Within the client, I must find the key that opens the doors of their perception, needs, and dreams. It is necessary to thoroughly understand every nuance and proceed with a scientific method in order to minimize the chances of error. The project then develops from within to go outwards, where every opening will communicate with the environment in which it overlooks and vice versa. A delicate balance to be consolidated with choices made of experience and professionalism.

From 3D renderings to the reality of the furniture made by the Family Carpentry. The client is passionate about aviation and solutions designed around his personality. Floritelli Kitchen, our reference brand for years.