In many years of activity, I have had the fortune to encounter extremely diverse realities. From small provincial workshops to internationally renowned companies, every time is a challenge that involves a whole process in which one learns a lot and, on the other hand, tries to contribute to the success of a product or a larger project. The most important secret for a good result is hidden in the "know-how", in the knowledge of the production processes derived from having spent years building things with one's own hands. Entire seasons spent working and observing in my family's carpentry workshop between one school year and the next were fundamental for what I can do today. Creativity for its own sake is not my thing, and fundamentally I consider myself a "shop man" even though I wear a headset every day. My mentor was named Luca Scacchetti, a man who made his profession the needle of a professional balance increasingly distant in time.

"For me, it's always about dealing with the problem of building without worrying whether or not I fit into the canons of the architecture of our time or of all times, that is, I don't think 'architecture'. My culture is born every time."



As a surveyor, I learned that two parallel lines will never meet. At IED, I realized that those two lines can still dialogue endlessly with each other.


My designing is preliminary analysis, problem-solving, targeted strategy, tailoring care, and 2% "creativity".


Probably, I learned how to distinguish the scents of wood before I learned how to walk. A few years later, by attending various companies here and there throughout Europe, I understood something more.


The years spent with the great Master and Friend Luca Scacchetti in his studio in Milan have been the most important collaboration of my life. Thank you, Luca, I know you're also here...


In books, knowledge has been hidden long before the invention of the web. You cannot turn off a book and it stays in your mind forever. I hope it doesn't all end up in a server.


I have developed a Method that I follow scrupulously. It is based on basic processes in which there is no room for the ephemeral. The final result must be proven, indisputable, tangible, and long-lasting.