Two Eloquent Images: One Speaks of the Past, the Other Narrates the Present.
In the Antigorio Valley, in the town of "Crodino" or Crodo (VB), Chef Denis Croce and his wife Sabrina decided to renovate their restaurant and honored me with the design project. After the usual in-depth briefing, the ideas took the right path towards the final result.
Now the Chef's wonderful dishes, accompanied by a superb wine list, have a stage worthy of their quality.

Everything takes shape when you transition from paper to virtual reality... The client is PROJECTED into what will be built: no surprises, no misunderstandings. A simple and clear declaration of intent.

Effectively conveying design ideas has always been a fundamental condition for me to achieve an optimal and shared result. Immersing the client in the project through a virtual reality headset is currently one of the best ways to avoid any misunderstandings. Subsequently, the executive project based on photorealistic renderings becomes a crucial step in drastically reducing any errors.

Some images of the final realization to better understand.

The project stems from a few fundamental concepts: the use of traditional local materials, contemporary lines, and sustainability. Light also plays a crucial role in this operational environment, which must be practical before being aesthetically pleasing.

The tables by MAD
Michele Anderlini Design®  2024

Function first, creativity later!

Ideas spring directly from needs. The first stems from a visceral annoyance at seeing piles of cellphones on tables (a gesture that is also light-years away from etiquette and elegance), and the second is more of a feminine nature: where do I put my purse? I solved the first problem by creating a small shelf specifically for storing smartphones first and then any other uncomfortable items in my pockets, such as keys or wallets. For purses, instead, I inserted a decorative element in the central part of the legs that also serves as a purse holder. Wood, Dekton®, and iron. 99% function + 1% creativity.

To excite the senses!

A dinner or lunch can be a mere necessity or an experience. My design intent was to awaken the senses most directly linked to pleasure. In the new Marconi, light creates intimate and curious scenarios, the surfaces offer a pleasant tactile sensation, the Chef's dishes are a delight for the palate, and the new soundproofing ceiling provides ideal acoustic comfort for enjoying the refined background music. Spending a few hours at Marconi means traveling through the culinary, wine, and artisanal excellence of an Italy that we want to keep close to us.

BIO soundproofing

Mogu acoustic panels are the first commercially available products of their kind, entirely made with fungal mycelium and upcycled textile residues. Thanks to its unique technology, Mogu Acoustic represents today the most sustainable solution dedicated to acoustic comfort. I chose this solution because it combines design, innovation, and sustainability in line with my design philosophy.