Before and After

Two eloquent images: one speaks of the past and the other tells the present. A beautiful journey...
In the mountains of Val d'Ossola, beneath the cliffs of Croveo, the Lavazza family has been successfully running the Cistella restaurant-pizzeria for many years. I was honored to receive the task of reviewing the beating heart of the venue, and after the usual thorough briefing with the clients, the ideas took the right path towards the final result.


The project takes shape when moving from paper to virtual reality... The client PROJECTS themselves into what will eventually be created: no surprises, no misunderstandings. It's a simple and clear statement of intent.

Conveying design ideas in the best possible way has always been a fundamental condition for me to achieve optimal and shared results. Immersing the client in the project through a Virtual Reality viewer is currently one of the best ways to avoid any misunderstanding. Then, the executive project based on photorealistic renderings becomes a crucial step in drastically reducing any errors.


Some images of the final realization to better understand.

The project is based on a few fundamental concepts: the use of locally traditional materials, contemporary lines, and sustainability. Light also plays a fundamental role in this workspace, which must be functional before being pleasant.

Project Vs reality

The simple comparison between the images of the project and the photos of the final realization clarifies the importance of accurate preliminary rendering.