The first major advantage of Virtual Reality over reality is obviously not having to grab a hammer to modify a wall that the client hadn't realized was there. Investing in the creation of a virtual environment means having the confidence to dialogue with the client on equal terms. I can assure you with absolute certainty of what I say, having tested the system with dozens of clients amazed by the final result. This is one of the classic examples in which technology, so hated by those who do not know it, comes to the aid of man by ENORMOUSLY simplifying his work and drastically lowering the threshold of potential customer dissatisfaction.


The user interface - what the client needs to do to use the technology - is now significantly simplified and does not require any knowledge of the equipment provided. It is enough to wear a headset and use two wireless controllers (one for each hand) to move in the virtual space and interact with the objects present in the project context. The user can completely immerse themselves in the environment, feel like they are touching everything and, above all, understand the spatial layout by checking the distances between furniture, walls, and much more.


With our system, it is also possible to change the time of day in real-time in any area of the planet to verify the impact of the sun or artificial lights during a specific period. Moreover, it is essential to note that it is possible to change the finishes of each element in the scene to check without any doubts - for instance - if an oak floor would look better than a stone one in the context. All with a simple click by the client themselves.


Of course, this is only a tool and will NEVER replace the designer, but we believe it is now essential to avoid misunderstandings with the client who often struggles to interpret technical drawings or even renderings. Starting a journey well allows for great margins of safety to conclude the journey in the best possible way.


We create photorealistic renderings to help clients have an image very close to reality, so that in addition to the third dimension, the design idea is clear in every detail. Click on the image and enter our render gallery: a premium service for refined and demanding tastes.