• Schizzo dell'albergo cervandone
    Hotel Cervandone Sketch



Dream. Sogno. 

The first five-star alpine structure.

When, on winter evenings, the snow falls heavily, an older Walser likes to imagine a prosperous future for his beloved mountains. A future that is respectful of the environment but aware of the era in which we live, the 21st century. A future in which local excellence can remain as such and in which entire families can continue to live and work at high altitudes, creating a new generation of "mountain people."

And so, the pencil takes over, giving free rein to a fantasy that will remain just that due to many human constraints but will live a parallel, virtual reality in a kind and amazing world. From the pencil, it quickly moves to the computer and from the computer to a headset that allows one to experience a daydream, walking through a structure that interacts with a different, ancient but current, strong and decisive territory.

Old picture of Albergo Cervandone Devero VB
Albergo Cervandone dopo l'incendio del 2015

The idea of a deconstructivist architecture in Devero arises primarily from the desire to create harmony between the natural environment and an artificial element, dismantling an imposing volume that disturbs a territory with gentle and harmonious features. The alpine landscape is made up of trees, rocks, rivers, glaciers, moraines, and a whole series of elements that have nothing to do with regular monolithic shapes.

Rendering Hotel Cervandone Devero - VB

In my dream, I saw an architecture in which rocks become exposed stone, forests become structural wood, and water and ice become large glass surfaces. An architecture in which nature enters everywhere through light and visual contact with the outside.

Suites Cervandone Hotel
Suites Cervandone by Night

Having lunch under the celestial vault, next to the larch trees, surrounded by snow as if immersed in a dream becomes an unforgettable experience to be told and imprinted in one's memory. Creating the first five-star "alpine" reality means acquiring excellence for the context and not for merits related to bureaucratic dictates. Materials of history mixed with today's and tomorrow's technologies in a perfect blend, respecting nature and the environment. Energy from renewable sources and eco-friendly construction methods are now indispensable aspects of any design approach; no one can exempt themselves from operating in this direction.

Method. 360-degree planning. Tradition. Hospitality. Efficiency. Strong points even within a winter dream.

My  Cervandone Hotel is not just architecture but an experience that everyone would want to have at least once in their life. Architecture can be a silent attraction in itself, just like everything around it. I think of the melancholic charm of gloomy autumn days when rain and fog create a unique environment to immerse oneself in before an alpine tasting in front of the fireplace.

A multifunctional structure with an underground conference room and spacious rooms serving the adjacent green area for celebrating Alpine parties and various events, without the logistical efforts that have seen us as protagonists of long days of potentially avoidable manual labor in recent years.

The structure of my dreams is largely designed to accommodate high-end tourism, complementing the local hospitality offer with premium and luxury solutions aimed at boosting the economy of the region that will emerge in the coming years. Every corner of the Earth is currently just a click away, and those who don't have to ask themselves "if I can" are looking for different and unique solutions. The necessary marketing operations, aimed at making a dream structure like this work 365 days a year, become almost a game for those who know how to operate with method. For those who understand the subject, in my Cervandone, up-selling and cross-selling would become disarmingly simple operations facilitated by the many opportunities offered by the territory.

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