Some objects in time and space...

Creating, literally making, goes far beyond mere design. Facing challenges with your own hands teaches you to interact better with those who will accept the challenges with you and helps you grow professionally exponentially. The wise elders summarized the concept with a simple saying: "Learn the Art and put it aside."

Thinking about an object that will become part of someone's daily life is not an easy task. You have to act with a Method, taking a step back from the "star architect" that we tend to carry within ourselves. Listen, observe, understand, and act pragmatically.

Design should essentially aim to simplify and make our world a little more beautiful and kind. Narcissistic creations have little to do with our profession as "ambassadors of function".

"Less is more" (cit)...Simplifying and eliminating the unnecessary to achieve one of the best possible solutions should generally be the imperative for creating a good object. This is a concept that I believe we should keep in mind every time we face a blank sheet of paper.


Achieving the goal is fundamental. To do so, specific skills, hard work, and little creativity are necessary.


Why complicate the path when there is a direct way to reach the destination? Less is more.


Making processes more efficient, considering the environment and people, should no longer be recommendations but categorical imperatives.