It was 1992. At a young age, I began to take an interest in the works and philosophy of Aldo Rossi, an architect who stood out for his unique style. I decided to try my hand at creating furniture with a strong architectural connotation, so I locked myself in the carpentry workshop. What came out of it was the CAMERETTA 1992.

The most elementary forms of classical architecture enter the domestic walls. Pediments, partitions, cubes, parallelepipeds, triangles: straight lines and unadorned planes highlight the only protagonist, which is wood and its grain. The high-quality hardware has been doing its job for 31 years, and everything still works perfectly.

An interior design project - like a design object - often gains more formal value from simple screening operations than from the addition of unnecessary decorative frills. A material with its own texture only requires the right proportions in the cuts and little else. Less is more, as always.