In the mountains of Val d'Ossola, far away from the urban frenzy, the Facciola family has added a new piece to the continuous process of renovation that has been involving the Edelweiss hotel for years. The former food shop has been converted into a space for guests who want to spend some time in complete relaxation, savoring fine drinks or flipping through the pages of a good book.


Everything takes shape when moving from paper to virtual reality. The customer can PROJECT themselves into what will then be realized: no surprises, no misunderstandings. Just a simple and clear statement of intentions.

For me, effectively conveying design ideas has always been a fundamental condition for an optimal and shared result. Immersing the customer in the project through a Virtual Reality headset is currently one of the best ways to avoid any misunderstandings. Following that, the executive project based on photorealistic renderings becomes a crucial step in drastically reducing any potential errors.


Some pictures of the final realization to better understand.

The project is based on a few fundamental concepts: the use of materials from the local tradition, contemporary lines, and sustainability. Light also plays a fundamental role in this environment dedicated to sensory well-being, therapeutic pleasure, and the enhancement of time. Here are some pictures of the final realization to better understand the project.

The glass entrance preserves the room from external noise but does not limit its visual space. In this way, customers passing through the hall will be intrigued by this timeless place, with its warm tones and soft lighting. Comfortable designer armchairs invite you to spend a long time on them, perhaps sipping a vintage cognac while listening to the notes of a jazz quartet, while the latest-generation fireplace warmly enlivens the atmosphere. The brushed larch wood flooring and paneling gently blend with the flamed Serizzo stone from Ossola, illuminated by long, high-quality LED strips with continuous luminous flow. The piano available to guests allows those who wish to improvise delicate live sessions in front of the well-stocked "Alpine" bookcase. Here are some pictures of the final realization to better understand the project.