The living room. Not just any living room, but YOUR living room. The environment for leisure and hospitality customized in every part will give you serene moments with your family every day


Everything takes shape when we move from paper to virtual reality. The client PROJECTS themselves into what will then be created: no surprises, no misunderstandings. A simple and clear statement of intent.


From the design proposal to the realization: a clear example of how we move from virtual to real without errors, changes, and surprises.

The project - as requested by the client - revolves around the idea of a minimal open space free from central elements and a TV. Despite this, the desire to watch movies with a Dolby Surround system was essential, so the solution was to include a motorized screen with a high-resolution projector hidden in the false ceiling. Result? The home theater is there...but you DON'T see it!

Before and after

Some pictures of what we found and what we left behind

Notes of color

The clients' love for painting, combined with a propensity for minimalism, resulted in the idea of building the entrance furniture in a pure neoplastic style. The evident reference is to the most famous works of Piet Mondrian.