My humble tribute to a GREAT artist who unfortunately is no longer with us, at least in physical form. What he left us is an immense amount of timeless works of art, many of which are collected in an exceptional publication by Taschen publishing house. The modular bookstand illustrated below is dedicated to this volume.


One of the creatures born from the mind of Hans Rudolf Giger that has become universally known is that cute little Xenomorph, a friend of Sigourney Weaver aka Lieutenant Ellen Ripley. Much of the work of the illustrious Swiss citizen has featured beings on the verge of terror, crosses between man and machine that emerge from dark scenarios in which the dominant color is the non-color par excellence: black. All of this I have tried to summarize in the design of a lectern dedicated to the beautiful book by Taschen, elegantly bound by Mauro Loce. A book of significant size that deserves to be kept on display, becoming a protagonist of an environment for many, but not for all. M A


Entering into the dark abyss of Giger's mind is an experience that leaves a mark (and if it doesn't, you probably have some problems), because doing so means observing the thousand nuances of a decidedly unique parallel reality.

Unique details

The construction allows to appreciate every detail of the modular structure. The celebrative forms aim to pay tribute to a great Artist who will always remain among us with his works.

Beyond the darkness


Easy Assembly

The modular bookstand is easily assembled without the use of any tools. When disassembled, it takes up very little space. When assembled, it is extremely stable for consulting heavy and large-sized volumes.

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