Just like a DIAMOND, the cut can make a difference in wood as well.
Asymmetries and three-dimensionality bring solid walnut into a new dimension, transforming a traditional material into something extremely contemporary. The inclined surfaces of each panel, skillfully combined in the production phase, result in a constant transformation of volumes based on changes in ambient lighting (natural or artificial). This artifact allows for the valorization of solid wood just as it does for the most precious of stones, which without human intervention would remain something unappetizing.

A precious kitchen, always unique. 

Pleasing to the eye and delightful to the touch with its grooves lined in leather in matching or contrasting colors. Internal structures made of 27mm plywood with pear veneer, tempered glass shelves that enhance the internal lighting, high-efficiency appliances and a set of details focused on maximum functionality for a piece of furniture that, before being a beautiful showpiece, must be a practical tool for food preparation and preservation.

The wall with solid wood shelves equipped with LED lighting creates a wall washer effect that enhances the magnificent veins of the DEKTON Opera Natural Collection coating, also present on the countertops and sides of the peninsula. The latter has one side facing the cooking area and one facing the living area, both equipped with pull-out drawers and baskets. Completing the kitchen is a snack area in solid walnut in line with the edge style of the doors, a practical stainless steel sink that can be moved according to needs along the monobloc sink in DEKTON, and 3 recessed flush-mounted power sockets both in the sink area and in the peninsula. Of course, the modularity is infinite. Each space can accommodate its own Golconda.


The project name derives from the Indian city that was the site of the world's only diamond mine for centuries, synonymous with incredible wealth for Europeans. Today, some tree species in nature are unique and precious, and like diamonds, they must be valued without ever becoming a mass phenomenon. Working with walnut is an art destined to create only unique and precious pieces.

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